Tuesday, 31 October 2017

October Post

When we have the iPads, we do Reflex Math and RAZ-Kids.

Here we did a painting about nature that we observed outside.

One of our math centres was making 'carpets' with a certain number. We had to find all of the combinations.

We did activities with Mme Leigh Anne. She is an actor and an artist.

We imagined that strings were attached to us to help us act.

We did lots of acting activities.

Here we are acting scared.

We wrote a story triangle and played the game 'Miror, Miror!'

Here is a group of 6 people who go up and pretend they are on the stage. The others are the audience.

In the beginning of our story, Lilly was very nervous to go to a new daycare.

The teacher in our story was mad at the daycare kids because they made a mess. They didn't blame Lilly.

The teacher in our story said, 'You guys are being such a good class cleaning up, you can clean up with some music. Let's have a cleaning dance party!'

After the teacher put the music on, we started to have a cleaning dance party.

Our character was so happy that nobody blamed her for the mess.

We are pretending that we are painting in the daycare.

We are pretending that we tripped on our laces.

The kids in our story were not going to tell on Lilly for making the mess. Instead they all took the blame.

Lilly brought the mop and bucket to the daycare to help clean up.

It was really fun getting to act!

This is where we were baking zucchini bread. The zucchini bread in the trays is when it was finished, it was delicious!

We are talking about the zones of regulation. The blue zone means sad or tired, the green zone is when you're happy and ready to learn, the yellow zone is when you kind of feel agitated and the red zone is when you are out of control or angry and frustrated.

We were doing animal posters for physical and behavioural adaptations.

We are working on problem solving using blocks.

Here we are in the talking circle with Mme Pam. We learn about the First Nations. We always go clockwise in the circle. In the talking circle, you can only talk when you are holding the special grandfather rock.

Here we are learning about Canadian animals. When we were done reading the book, we made clay animals and their habitat!

These are our Halloween silhouettes!

Thanks for all of the delicious Halloween snacks!

Here are some pictures of us in our costumes getting ready for the parade in the gym.

We have to count our candy tonight so that we can talk about numbers in math!

Friday, 29 September 2017


Here are some pictures and the comments students made about them!

These are our new classmates for a new school year!

This is us reading with our new book buddies. We read in English and in French and they are in grade 1.

This is us going outside looking for objects for art.

We were colouring and making our painting for the outdoor art!

We were doing activities like stamps, beads, buttons and shapes. We had to make patterns. 

We made popsicles with paper and sticks. We had to write about what we did during summer vacation in French!

What we're doing here is trying to figure out a word puzzle with clues. We had to work together to solve it!

We are writing on other people's posters to find out what they like. This helped us get to know each other!

Mme Perry is teaching that we are all different in different ways and that we are all smart in different ways!

We are making growing patterns that go up and up!

We are building puzzles with our groups. We have to cooperate and collaborate!

Here we are at the farm learning how to control water.

We were making flour. It was fun!

We were making canola oil. It was very fun!

We were looking for the queen bee.

We were playing a game and learning about the weather.

We were playing another game about what farmers need for their farms.

We got free chocolate milk for lunch!

We had an auction for cookies. We got chocolate chip cookies, yum!

We saw egg laying chickens and broilers chickens.

We saw dairy cows and beef cows. The beef cow was doing yoga!

Our whole class was standing by a tree on this beautiful day!

We saw pigs and the piglets were so cute.

We learned about what different objects are made from.

We participated in the colour run.

Polar bears have blubber and see-through fur so they don't get cold in the water. We are leaning about habitats and adaptations in science.

We like to read to a partner.

We were cutting words for words their way.

We wrote on the number of our grade what our favourite numbers are.

Here are the fidget spinners we made. We wrote three things about us on them.

We made runners in French to say the things that we dreamed of doing. There are 2 classes here.

We ran for Terry Fox!

We love our school and had a very good September!