Wednesday, 31 January 2018


This is us doing our country projects. We were put into groups and we had to do a lot of research for our projects. After all the hard work, we presented a Keynote slideshow using the iPads and a shoe box full of objects related to our country.

The grade 3's went to the symphony. We went to see the show Azizi and Aziza, it's about two twins and a monster. It was awesome that one lady played all the characters of the story. It was relaxing.
Grade 4 students were to Seussical the Musical and they really enjoyed it too!

This is us working hard to write a speech to present to the class. We had to read and research to find information about our topic. Then we had to take notes so that we wouldn't copy out of the book. It also helped us remember information for writing our own speeches.

We were solving problems using blocks. The problem was about having different shaped tables for a certain number of students. We had to find at least three possibilities.

Here we listened to many people read to us in English and French for I love to read month. It also made us smarter!

We wrote about our favourite French book and Mme took a photo of us with the book to put on the bulletin board.

On pyjama day, Mme took pictures of us reading with our book buddies in the gym. Mme Melo read us two stories, one in French and one in English. We are going to take our picture with our book buddy and glue it onto our paragraph about them.

In Science, we are learning about light and energy. We need to know the difference between artificial and natural light as well as objects that produce light and objects that reflect light.

In English we are still working on the novel Wonder and our Words Their Way spelling program.

Stay warm!

Friday, 22 December 2017


We traced our hand and we coloured the background. Inside the fingers we wrote what and who we are. We did this activity with Mme Pam.

We've been working on our projects about different countries around the world. Some groups brought in things from their country to represent their country. There are two parts to the research project, there is a shoe box and a Keynote presentation on the iPad.

Here we are talking about the buffalo teaching which is respect. We also had a lesson about courage and facing our fears.

Two twin brothers are reading their mom's book to the class.

We watched Olive the Other Reindeer on Tumble Books. Then we did a listening test to see how well we were listening to the story.

We did some 'would you rather' questions and then we wrote our answers with reasons.

Here we played some math games that were fun! We were playing a dice game to practice multiplication. We used the dominoes to make number patterns. Some of our math centres were Candy Construction, geometric solids and blocks, Reflex math on the iPads and problem solving with Mme using the little white boards and blocks.

One student showed her menorah and told the students about Hanukkah.

In Science, we learned about food chains and we made cups to represent the animals in the food chain. We stacked the cups to show what they eat. We also make snakes out of plates. First we coloured the white side of the plate in a pattern and then we cut it in a spiral. It keeps snakes warm and it gives them more energy to pounce on their prey when they are coiled up.

Here are our holiday sweaters. We made these using markers, a glue gun, foam shapes, stickers, pipe cleaners, pompoms and many other materials. We were working for S. DeSousa Fashions. We wrote directions for how to make a great holiday sweater.

We used Kleenex boxes to make an imaginary home for different kinds of animals. We used beads, string, clay and many other materials.

Constable Alanna came to talk to us about Bullying. We learned that we should be respectful and we shouldn't be bystanders!

We presented our French plays with lots of expression and actions!

We made gingerbread houses with our book buddies!

Ask me to tell you about the 'Ho! Ho! Ho!' game that we played on the last day of school.

Our bowling teams were so positive and we encouraged each other to do well!

Have a great holiday and see you in January!