Thursday, 29 June 2017


Here we made our names out of blocks and we could only use 10 blocks for each letter. Then we put it on a paper and cut it and put the total perimeter for each letter. We glued it on the paper and added up the total.

Here we are looking around the school for art. We were writing about lines, color, shape, texture and design.

Here are our models that we made of a plant that we researched.

Here we are retelling a story that we read as a group. They were all books from Lauren Child.

We are making stories with pictures and telling them to the class.

We are talking about things in our classroom with Mme Galka. We wrote a letter to next year's students.

We are making iMovie trailers about Charlotte's Web. We were using clay and pictures from creative commons. We used our farms that we drew as backgrounds. It was a blast! We showed the movie trailers to our class.

Here we are taking pictures of things on our scavenger hunt list. We presented our photos to the class using airplay.

Here are the barns that we drew for the iMovie project. They are supposed to be the Charlotte's Web backgrounds!

Here are the silhouettes of a cactus. In the background it is the Mexican sunset!

Here we are making our Father's Day presents.

Here we are taking a picture by the Inukshuk. We saw many animals at the zoo.

Here is a scuba diver cleaning the glass between the polar bears and the seals.

Here we are playing the polar bear structure.

Here we are looking at a peacock that was showing off his feathers!

This is Dinosaurs Alive!

We were playing in the sand box and looking for bones.

We saw some polar bear cubs. One was trying to climb the fence, her name was Juno.

Here we are eating lunch at the Nature Playground.

Here we are playing at the Nature Playground.

Here we are visiting the Conservatory, learning about chocolate and plants.

Here we are tasting three kinds of chocolate. Most kids didn't like the dark chocolate but almost everyone liked the milk chocolate.

Here we are at the St. James Public Library listening to a story and learning about the summer reading program. We picked one book each. Mme will return the books for us but we can go back and get more books this summer!

At 7-11 we all got slurpees!

Here Mme M. came to talk about composting. She also talked to us about what we can put in the composter and what should not go in. We can compost raw food, not cooked food.

Here we are watching Charlotte's Web the movie. This is when Charlotte meets Wilbur.

Constable Alanna came to talk to us about online safety. We learned that we should not keep our electronics in our bedrooms while we sleep!

Here we are at the fire station. We are looking at the two trucks. We got to spray some water at the cones. The fire truck had to leave but it was a false alarm.

Here we are having some freezies with our reading buddies because it was the last time we had reading buddies!

Have a great summer!